Automotive sealant based on rubber eliminates cracks, filling in dents and other unpleasant consequences of impacts. The material is used for body repairs, engine parts, and helps to securely install glass.

The product dries quickly and is applied with a brush on surfaces primed with primer, paint, or on regular metal. Automotive paints are used on top. The dense structure, after hardening, turns into a strong sealing seam that prevents the penetration of moisture and debris inside.

The sealing material is characterized by moisture resistance, chemical inertness, and thermal stability (up to +60˚C). After gaining strength, it has the ability to absorb street noise, preventing it from entering the cabin. Fuel, oils, water, and acidic or alkaline products cannot damage the sealing material. It is also not affected by vibrations in the car.

Used for forming protection on seams after spot welding, as well as fastening connections on bolts and overlaps. The sealant is applied and spread with a nylon brush on a cleaned, degreased zone free from dirt and rust. It is placed both vertically and horizontally. It takes about half an hour for the sealant to partially harden, after which a painting product can be applied. If you are not in a hurry, wait for 3-4 hours for the sealant to reach maximum hardness.

Tare: 1.0 kg.

Professional use only.