Логотип компании STOGRUP, СТОГРУП

The company ‘STOGROUP’ Ukraine, located in Kiev, began its labor activity in October 2014 and has become one of the leading Ukrainian operators specializing in the distribution and production of modern and high-tech paint and coating materials and corresponding technologies for various business directions, as well as selling consumables and related tools in this short period. The company’s head office and warehouse terminals are located in Kiev.

Today, the company ‘STOGROUP’ provides customers and partners with comprehensive business solutions for the development, organization, and management of profitable businesses for auto body repairs.

The range of products offered by the company ‘STOGROUP’ is constantly expanding and already today includes several tens of thousands of items.

Mission statement of the leader.

By adopting the experience of world leaders in improving production processes in the automotive repair sector, we constantly evolve and improve ourselves, and help our partners to develop by offering comprehensive solutions for business organization and development, high-level service, wide range of products, and competitive prices.

  • Constant expansion of the range of automotive repair products (resulting in the company currently representing materials and products from more than 20 world manufacturers)

  • Development of an established sales network (resulting in a well-functioning distributor network operating successfully in all regional and many district centers of Ukraine)

  • Establishment of a stable product logistics system (resulting in a full range of products always available at regional distributor warehouses).

  • Promoting high production culture norms in the field of automotive repair through unique training programs for preparing specialists in paint and body shops, as well as managers of automotive repair facilities (resulting in the work of highly skilled technicians in training centers in Kiev, Odessa, and exchange visits to the headquarters of manufacturers).

  • Guaranteeing our clients not only prompt delivery of products but also professional technical support (as a result – widespread implementation of innovative modern technologies in the field of auto repair);

  • Development of special loyalty programs, such as: differentiated discount system, discount program, accumulative accounts, establishment of a professional holiday – Auto Painter Day (resulting in stable long-term relationships with both partners and product consumers based on mutual trust and partnership)

The experience gained over the years has allowed us to offer the most flexible, efficient, and functional solutions to various enterprises and clients. Among the company’s partners who have been convinced of the high technology and profitability of our materials are such giants of the domestic industry as

Collaboration with STOGRUP ensures its partners achieve high efficiency and profitability in their work.