Quality management



The company “STOGRUP” complies with the quality policy and is accredited in accordance with the quality standards DSTU ISO 9001:2015.

 “STOGRUP” is an ambitious and bold company that actively implements modern technologies, best customer service standards, and new methods of working with partners. We confidently maintain our position as a technological leader.

Our main principles:

The customer is always right, they are the source of our prosperity, their problems are our concern, their tasks are our solutions, their desire is our fulfillment.

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) – ISO 9001:2015

ISO is the world’s largest standardization organization that allows companies to develop and offer products and services that meet the required standards around the world. This provides customers with a guarantee that they will receive quality, safety, and reliability.

Our quality management principles start with policies and procedures and extend to the hiring, training, and development of our employees.

Excellent Customer Service

We have achieved a high standard of customer service quality. We have a wide range of policies and procedures that include customer service, a code of conduct for employees, equality and uniqueness, health and safety, risk management, and business process reliability.

Accountable and Consistent Quality

Our reliability and quality of service are confirmed by the above accreditations.

Our high and stable level of performance is ensured by:

  • The Monitoring and Response Center, maintained by a team of supervisors, is key to monitoring performance, quality, and customer service;
  • Planned reports ensure uninterrupted operation – they are delivered to all key management personnel, including department heads;
  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting for internal efficiency management is mandatory for all of our employees;
  • The Monitoring and Response Center’s performance improvement tool provides comprehensive analysis of performance, resources, and workforce for our team;
  • Planned and expected improvement of customer service is the main task for our team of managers.

We take pride in our commitment to customer service

This is evidenced by our customer charter, which outlines how we provide exceptional customer service:

  • We will be friendly, helpful, and caring;
  • We will help people stay safe, healthy, and independent;
  • We will be professional, polite, and work as a team to provide excellent customer service;
  • We will respond promptly to questions and do what we promise;
  • We will listen to feedback and work with customers to constantly improve;
  • We will adapt our services to support customers and partners;
  • We will use modern technologies to ensure the safety of our products and services;
  • We will always respond to customer inquiries and act on suggestions.

We conduct regular surveys of our customers and partners to track the effectiveness of our work and learn from the feedback we receive. With such a commitment to excellent customer service, we believe our services make a real impact on the quality of service provided. By using cutting-edge support technologies, we achieve the best results.