Polyester resin is a viscous liquid combined with a hardener. The mixture goes through several stages of physical state changes: gelation – rubbery substance – polymer stone. After final curing, the surface becomes suitable for painting.

This material is used for restoring the integrity of body parts. It becomes a good shaping factor, thanks to which it is possible to avoid purchasing a new part or using complex welding, using the process of polymerization of resin and fiberglass. It is used to repair bumpers, body kits, and spoilers. Polyester resin is an important component in the production of automotive primers and putties.

Polyester resins have low thermal conductivity, are not afraid of water, sunlight, and heating due to heat transfer in the car, and solar radiation. They are considered dielectric materials, adhere well to metal, fiberglass, and plastic. It should be remembered that during solidification, products with the presence of polyester resin shrink (up to 10%). The product has an unpleasant, intense odor, so it is necessary to work with it wearing a mask. A low-cost material solidifies several times faster than an epoxy analog.

Tare: 1.0 kg.

Professional use only.