Gravitex U200 is used to treat the bottom and adjacent parts (wheel arches, sills, bumpers, longitudinal parts of the car) from impacts of stones from under the wheels and the effects of moist, chemically active substances on the underside of the car.

The composition is applied through a 4mm diameter mechanical spray nozzle. Before using the anti-corrosion protection, the covering elements must be prepared, eliminating small rust damage. This is done using an angle grinder with an attached wheel or sandblasting machine. After mechanical cleaning of the surface, it is washed, wiped and degreased.

Unused parts of the car are isolated with painter’s tape. The composition is not applied to the exhaust pipe and the engine. Welded seams and junction areas are treated with seam sealer.

If the anti-gravel product packaging has the “Overpaintable” label, it confirms the possibility of painting the rust-protected surface.

Anti-gravel coating can be applied to bare metal, although it would be more correct if the base is treated with acidic soil, then with a filling analogue, and then with a “lamb”.

U200 is suitable for steel, aluminium, sanded paint, plastics, putty.

Colors: black, grey, white.

Tare: 1.0 kg.

Professional use only.