The gray circle is a soft nozzle for polishing work. It is considered the working part of the polishing machine. It copes well with risks and leveling the surface. It is used after analogues that provide hard grinding of surfaces.

The polishing wheel reproduces the work of sandpaper, but does it more quickly and efficiently. The soft structure eliminates the appearance of additional scratches. A level setting provides the correct contact angle with the surface, reduces wheel wear and does not put as much strain on the polisher’s hands. For high-quality fixation, a threaded sleeve is located on the reverse side, which is necessary for screwing the grinder spindle.

The porous polymer absorbs used oils and absorbs the heat generated as a result of mechanical movements. After cleaning with water, the circle cannot be immediately taken to work, because it must dry out.

15-20g of paste is applied to the circle, it is enough to process an area of 35-40cm². First, we turn on the machine at low speeds, move it horizontally over the surface, then vertically. Then you can increase the speed of rotation of the circle. Permissible speed: 300-2500 rpm

Don’t forget about surface preparation. Traces of midges, bitumen, street dust, bird “surprises” usually accumulate on the LFP. After washing, soot and small grains of sand may remain on the surface. If you wave your hand, the disc will smear all the dirt on the surface, and the sand will additionally scratch new marks on the paint.

Professional use only.