A medium hard wheel is used for the second stage of polishing. It is able to eliminate scratches, stains on metal due to a thin abrasive coating on the sponge itself.

It is used for dry grinding and wet grinding, used with eccentric and rotary power tools, which are actively used in the paint shops of service stations, in detailing centers. Compared to other sanding materials, foam rubber is softer and leaves a cleaner surface.

The use of the nozzle is due to an increase in the speed of the operation with a simplification of the process. Reusable circles are resistant to thermal heating resulting from the activation of the angle grinder. The porous structure helps to work with a small amount of automotive product, so there is no significant waste of paste.

3M foam pads are a versatile product that performs quality work when interacting with different brands of pastes. Wheels with a diameter of 15 cm are securely attached to the grinder and do not fly off when the disc rotates.

When polishing, it is allowed to use circles of different materials. For example, the primary processing is carried out with a wool circle, and the subsequent one with foam rubber. If the surface of the body is moistened with water, its heating will decrease, the movement of the machine will improve and even less abrasive material will be consumed.