White circles do the “rough” work. They are used for starting, rough processing in order to remove the maximum number of defects that are significant in depth. Rigid foam carefully processes the surface, restoring the integrity and visual appeal of the enamel.

The product is fixed on the substrate. Circular movements are performed with medium pressure and smooth movements, without changing the application of effort. It is forbidden to polish in one place for a long time, because this leads to the removal of a thin layer of enamel.

Do not apply excess paste on the foam rubber. The porosity of the material helps to hold the product with such force that an abrasive effect is formed. When there is too much paste, it performs rubbing instead of an abrasive cutting action. As a result, the body, headlights, glass are simply smeared with paste, and their condition remains the same.

In the process of work, the foam rubber is blown in order to partially release clogged pores. Upon completion of the painting work, the circle is removed from the grinder, immersed in a soapy solution and washed well under water. If you need to quickly dry the foam rubber, the disc is put on the grinder and scrolled at idle.

We do not recommend using amateur formulations from unknown manufacturers. Without knowing the exact concentration of the grain component, you can easily spoil the pre-color.

Professional use only.