Acrylic-based double-sided tape black Kartex

Scotch tape instead of glue is a good solution from KARTEX. Each owner should have such a tape, because it is suitable for automotive, construction, and household purposes. If you need to attach something, fasten two objects together, use acrylic-based double-sided tape. The boxed version will make storing products more convenient.

Floor mats, moldings, a fly swatter on the hood, spoiler fins, a skirt-kit under the door, protective plastic around the wheel in the arch area – all this can be attached without creating fasteners using the double-sided KARTEX tape. It is used in advertising, furniture industry, exhibition and interior compositions, suitable for signage and transport signs. At home, tape will hold the blinds on the windows.

The tape is strong, on both sides it has a layer of acrylic substance, which keeps both attached objects in a stationary position well and for a long time.

Double-sided adhesive tape based on acrylic forms good adhesion to clean, fat-free surfaces. To increase the strength, you need to glue objects and press well for a few seconds at the point of contact. Improved performance of the adhesive is achieved at an ambient temperature and the objects themselves + 20 … + 40˚С. If it falls below + 10˚С, the manufacturer does not guarantee the declared adhesion strength.

The tape is packed in a box. The package contains 5m of adhesive tape 1.1mm thick and 6mm, 9mm, 12mm and 19mm wide.

Thickness: 1.1 mm.

Width and footage:
6mm x 5m,
9mm x 5m,
12mm x 5m,
19mm x 5m.

Professional use only.