Emulsion glass mat is a durable, reinforcing material that can partially replace welding work during body repairs. Polyester resin securely holds randomly arranged thin fibers together. It is useful for through corrosion, the need to create matrices for sections of bulk structures instead of damaged ones.

In the course of work, a tandem of polymer resin and glass mat is used, which can become a budget solution for the repair of bumpers, pads, spoilers. The cured composition well withstands the load, the force of air currents at high speeds and contact with chemicals. Fillers and plasticizers are used to increase strength.

A glass mat is applied to the repair area cleaned and treated with anticorrosive and several patches are cut out, each of which is approximately 15-20 mm larger than the previous one. A slightly recessed hole is smeared with resin and the first patch is applied. It should be pressed and ensured that it adheres tightly to the metal. It is necessary to wait a few minutes for the interaction of materials to activate.

This is repeated 3-4 times, each new piece is attached to the glue. Then the repair site is covered with fiberglass putty. The hardened surface is ground, a universal putty is distributed on top. After sanding it, the process of preparing for painting begins.

Density and size:

150 g/m² 0,5 m²,
300 g/m² 0,5 m²,
450 g/m² 0,5 m².

For professional use only.