Fein Polyester Putty, KARTEX

Шпаклівка фінішна, KARTEX, STOGRUP, СТОГРУП

Two-component polyester putty KARTEX is characterized by high filling ability of small pores, minor irregularities, scratches, and sanding marks. It has high mechanical strength while maintaining excellent flexibility. It is easy to apply and can be sanded with fine abrasive paper, leaving a very smooth surface.

Important: the putty must be mixed with the hardener (100 parts by weight of putty with 2-3 parts by weight of hardener until a uniform color is obtained).

Recommended: apply thin layers to the surface for 4-5 minutes/23°C from the moment of preparation, but not below 10°C. As a result, when applied to the surface, the product becomes very hard, dries quickly, does not shrink or crack. Sanding should be done with P150 – P400 sandpaper.

Таre: 0,2 kg, 0,5 kg.