Universal Polyester Putty, KARTEX

Шпаклівка універсальна, KARTEX, STOGRUP, СТОГРУП

KARTEX two-component universal polyester putty is designed to fill both deep irregularities and small scratches. It has high mechanical strength while maintaining excellent flexibility. It sands very well and does not leave pores after application on the surface.

Important: the putty must be mixed with the hardener (100 parts by weight of putty with 2-3 parts by weight of hardener until a uniform color is obtained).

Recommended: Apply the product to the surface in thin layers within 4-5 minutes/23°C from the time of preparation, but not below 10°C. As a result, when applied to the surface, the product becomes very hard, dries quickly, does not shrink, and does not crack. Pre-sanding should be done with sandpaper P80 – P120, and final sanding with P180 – P240.

Tare: 0,2 kg, 0,5 kg , 1,0 kg , 1,8 kg .