Glass Putty KARTEX

Шпаклівка зі скловолокном, KARTEX, STOGRUP, СТОГРУП

Two-component polyester putty KARTEX, reinforced with special chopped fiberglass. Has high mechanical strength. Recommended for use in case of deep dents. Special properties of the material allow applying it in thick layers, which minimizes the working time and eliminates large unevenness at once.

Important: it is necessary to mix the putty with the hardener (100 parts by weight of filler with 2-3 parts by weight of hardener) until a homogeneous color is obtained, in order to prevent the long glass fibers from being cut by the spatula.

Recommended: Apply thin layers to the surface within 4-5 minutes/23°C from the moment of preparation, but not below 10°C. As a result, when applied to the surface, the product becomes very hard, dries quickly, does not shrink or crack. Pre-sanding should be done with sandpaper P80-P120, and final sanding with P180-P240.

Таre: 0,2 kg, 0,5 kg.