EPOXY PRIMER 2K 5:1 Kartex

Epoxy primer is applied to metal surfaces and can replace anti-corrosion treatment. Excellent adhesion does not cause difficulties in work, and the coverage contributes to the dense formation of layers. The dried product on the bottom of the car provides a high-quality impact protection when crushed stone hits the bottom of the car.

The final product is formed by mixing the base material with a hardener and a solvent. It is most often applied with an air gun, but may involve the use of a paint roller. It hardens for a long time, within half a day. Provides even coverage of a thin or medium layer on non-ferrous and ferrous metal surfaces, galvanized surfaces, painted or putty-treated bases, fiberglass.

After mixing the components, the product should be used promptly within 10 minutes. This is explained by the thermoreactivity of the mixture, which heats up during chemical reactions and begins to harden quickly. The product dried on the surface of the car forms a strong protection that does not allow damage. It is neutral to moisture and chemical reagents of the roads in the winter time.

Acrylic and polyurethane enamels, pure alkyd and mixed materials (with acrylic, with melamine) serve as the final paint coating.

Tare: 1,0 кg + 0,2 кg. Hardener included.

For professional use only.