During transportation, a vehicle overcomes water puddles, mud, gravel, and rocky roads, which are rarely of good quality. An anti-gravel coating is applied to maintain the integrity and prevent oxidation of the metal bottom of the car, wheel arches, sills, spoilers, and side parts of the vehicle.

Additionally provides sound insulation in the car cabin from external environment. Does not completely dry out, partially retains elasticity and viscosity. Has significant adhesive properties that help the coating applied in thick layers from peeling off. Serves as a base for the application of a paint and lacquer coating.

One liter of rubber mass is designed for 5-7m² of surface. The application process is carried out using a pressure spray gun. Two coats are applied with an interval of one hour. It will take a day to achieve the desired curing phase.

This product allows adjusting the degree of “pebble” texture: the higher the concentration of solid particles, the thicker the application. It does not contain bituminous resins and asphalt ingredients. The mixture begins to dry at a temperature of +20°C. Corrosion inhibitors provide protection for the treated surfaces of the car for 2-3 years.

Colors: black, grey, white.

Tare: 1,0 kg.

For professional use only.