The use of primer helps to create conditions for high-quality paint application and its good further operation. Abrasion with an abrasive material is performed using sandpaper with a grain size of up to P1000, and then a primer is applied.

First, the treated area or part is wiped with a degreaser. Antistatic will eliminate the effect of rapid adhesion of dust and small suspensions in the air. Priming is carried out in layers, up to 4 times, with intermediate drying for 15 minutes.

An aerosol 1-component mixture is considered less effective than a professional 2-component mixture. The filling function is suitable for leveling the microrelief of the part, and the finishing function is intended for preparation for painting.

Acrylic, epoxy primer products require a curing component, alkyd analogues are used in the form of a ready-to-spray substance. The use of plasticizers contributes to a more convenient application of the composition.

Is it possible to do without a primer on plastic? Yes, but after several car washes, you will see chipped paint on the hood and trunk. This is due to the weak adhesion of the finished product to the polymer base. Is it worth saving if after that you need to repaint the body part? Only the right approach with the application of a primer will provide the desired result.

Таre 0,5 l, 1,0 l.

For professional use only.