Primer-filler 970 BODY

Грунт-наповнювач 970 BODY, STOGRUP, СТОГРУП

Clear acrylic two-component primer. Used as an adhesion layer on unpolished surfaces of paint, pore-filler for repair areas, a backing layer, and a first coat for low coverage paints.

Can be painted over with any type of enamel within 12 hours of application without prior sanding. Mixed with hardener BODY 729 at a ratio of 2:1.

When using HB BODY PRO A715 TURBO AX accelerator, the pot life of the mixture significantly reduces, so the material should be used immediately.

HB Body 725 hardener (sanded version). HB Body 729 hardener (wet-on-wet). HB Body 740 and HB Body 741 thinners (50-60%).

Suitable surfaces for application: Fiberglass and plastic surfaces (excluding PE and PTFE), factory and old paint coatings, polyester laminates, acid primers, 1K primers and fillers.