Epoxy primer 989 4:1 EPOXY PRIMER BODY

Епоксидний грунт 989 4:1 EPOXY PRIMER BODY, STOGRUP, СТОГРУП

Two-component anti-corrosion epoxy primer. It has adhesive, insulating, pore-filling properties. Resistant to difficult weather conditions, most mechanical and chemical influences.

Suitable for application over old paint, unpolished steel, aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized surfaces.

Mixes with oxide hardener BODY 989 EPOXY 732 in a ratio of 4:1. It is diluted by 20-30% with BODY 775 epoxy or BODY 740 solvent.

Applied with a gun with a nozzle Ø1.5-1.8 mm.

When using the HB BODY PRO A715 TURBO AX accelerator, the shelf life of the mixture is significantly reduced, so the material should be used immediately.

HB Body 725 hardener (polished version). Hardener HB Body 729 (wet on wet). Thinner HB Body 740 and HB Body 741 (50-60%).

Suitable for surface application:
steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, factory paint coating, polyester laminates, polyester putties, hard plastics (ABC), soils and 1K fillers.