Аерозольний епоксидний грунт P981 EPOXY PRIMER сірий BODY, STOGRUP, СТОГРУП

Epoxy primer HB Body 981 has high resistance to mechanical damage. Suitable for “wet on wet” application. It is used as anti-corrosion protection for ferrous metals, stainless steel, aluminum, any galvanic and galvanized surfaces. Able to “seal” the metal that has begun to be covered with corrosion, or to slow down its process. Does not detect the contour around the perimeter of polished areas.

When using the accelerator BODY PRO A715 TURBO AX, the life time of the mixture is significantly reduced, so the material should be used immediately.

HB Body 725 hardener. HB Body 740 and HB Body 741 thinners.

Suitable for surface application:
factory paint coating, acidic soils – polyester laminates, polyester putties, fiberglass and plastic surfaces, except PE and PTFE, primers and 1K fillers.

Special instructions:
The minimum temperature for air drying is +15 °C. Do not use the “wet on wet” method. Use BODY 511 FLAT GUIDE development coating to control sanding. In case of defects on the surface, they can be eliminated with the help of 2K and 1K putties. Use only on polished surfaces.

Caution: Do not overdose the hardener.

Rules of use:
Mix the components to a homogeneous consistency, observing the mixing ratio. Apply layers with a thickness of no more than 40-60 μm with a gun, with an intermediate exposure. The minimum application temperature is +15 °C.