Аерозольний ізолятор фарби P962 ISOLATOR PRIMER 1К BODY, STOGRUP, СТОГРУП

1K Isolating Primer. A fast-drying isolator based on epoxy resins that belongs to the 1K system. Designed for local or complete isolation of incompatible paint coatings.

After drying, it provides insulation for coatings that are not resistant to aggressive solvents. It can be colored with any two-component primers and enamels.

Suitable for application on surfaces such as fiberglass and plastic (excluding PE and PTFE), factory and aged paint coatings, polyester laminates, acid primers, 1K fillers.

Special instructions: The minimum temperature for air drying is +13°C. Use BODY 511 FLAT GUIDE Revealing Coatings to check sanding quality. If defects appear on the surface, they can be corrected with 2K and 1K putties. For the “wet-on-wet” version, do not use BODY DUR 726 hardener, do not apply a layer thicker than 40-60 microns, and do not use on large areas with putty or thermoplastic materials.

Caution: Do not overdose the hardener.

Rules of use:
Mix the components to a homogeneous consistency, observing the mixing ratio. Apply layers with a thickness of no more than 60-75 microns with an intermediate exposure time. The viability of the mixture is 2-3 hours at +23 °C. The minimum application temperature is +15 °C.