Aerosol paint remover 700 transparent BODY

Аерозольний видаляч фарби 700 прозорий, BODY, STOGRUP, СТОГРУП

HB BODY 700 Paint Remover is translucent, based on organic solvents and paraffin. It is used to remove paints, varnishes, latex materials from any surfaces and to clean paint guns and tools.

It is recommended to use for removing paint coatings, cleaning equipment.

Apply an even layer, remove the dissolved layer after 10-15 minutes. After that, wash off the remains with running water. If necessary, repeat the operation.

Paint remover for acrylic products is a mixture of organic solvents. With the help of these solvents, you can bring the viscosity of any basic materials to the optimum, which allows you to work effectively in any production conditions. As a result of the use of solvents, we get a product that evaporates evenly at a certain temperature.