Aerosol solvent 777 BLEND-IN for transitions transparent BODY

Аерозольний розчинник 777 BLEND-IN для переходів, прозорий, BODY, STOGRUP, СТОГРУП

Special solvent, used when painting by the smooth transition method.

Used with the following products:
acrylic paint 2K, acrylic paint 1K, acrylic varnishes.

Rules of application:
It is recommended to add to acrylic paints and varnishes previously adjusted to working viscosity with appropriate products in the amount of 50%. Also applying BODY 777 Blend-In solvent to the part intended for repair by the “smooth transition” method.

Solvent for acrylic products is a mixture of organic solvents. With the help of this solvent, you can perform work using the “smooth transition” method, which allows you to work effectively in any production conditions. As a result of using the solvent, we get a uniform distribution of paint and as a result we get rid of “overdust” and other defects.