Aerosol coat C496 2K HS CLEAR colorless BODY

Аерозольний лак C496 2K HS CLEAR безбарвний BODY, STOGRUP, СТОГРУП

High-quality spray paint that belongs to aerosol acrylic products. Due to its fast drying, it saves time and is an optimal material for urgent repairs of paint surfaces.

Recommended for use only for local repairs. It fills pores and small irregularities well, has a great shine, and provides durability and protection.

Surfaces for application:
factory and old paintwork, basic enamels.

Special instructions:
Apply from a distance of 25 cm, in a thin layer. Interlayer drying for 10-12 minutes.

Rules of application:
Apply in 2-3 layers, at a temperature of 23 ºC.