Розчинник для переходів 777 BLEND-IN BODY, STOGRUP, СТОГРУП

Special solvent used for gradual color transition painting technique. Used with the following products: 2K acrylic paint, 1K acrylic paint, acrylic lacquers.

Instructions for use: Recommended for adding to acrylic paints and lacquers, which have been thinned to the working viscosity with appropriate products, in a quantity of 50%. Also used for applying BODY 777 Blend-In solvent to the part intended for repair using the “gradual color transition” method.

Features: Solvent for acrylic products is a mixture of organic solvents. With the help of this solvent, it is possible to work using the “gradual color transition” method, which allows for effective work in any production conditions. As a result of using the solvent, we obtain an even distribution of paint, which eliminates “dust” and other defects.