Герметик Body 940 невисихаючий, для лобового скла, чорний, BODY, STOGRUP, СТОГРУП

This is non-drying sealant, suitable for non-bonded glass with excellent resistance to various weather conditions. It is also used for sealing welded joints and metal joints with cement surfaces. It never dries and cannot be painted. It is easily applied by hand or pneumatic gun.

Surfaces for application:
fiberglass and plastic surfaces, except PE and PTFE, steel, concrete, factory paint coating.

Special instructions:
Permanently remains elastic and cannot be painted. Use only for sealing, not for gluing.

Rules of application:
The product is ready for use, applied using a special gun. One layer is enough to restore the original coating. The material is resistant to ultraviolet radiation and therefore can be used on the exterior of the car, including for sealing the windshield.