Sealant 999 BODY

Герметик Body 999 шовний, тюбик, BODY, STOGRUP, СТОГРУП

Rubber-based sealant is perfect for sealing the body of a car. It is also suitable for internal parts of the car that are not directly exposed to UV radiation. It is easy to apply using a manual or pneumatic gun. It dries quickly and depending on the thickness of the layer, remains elastic and shrink-free. After drying, it can be painted with all types of enamel.

Surfaces for application:
steel, factory paint, coating.

Special instructions:
Do not apply to parts exposed to direct ultraviolet radiation.

Rules of application:
The product is ready for use, applied with a special gun or brush. Apply on a dry surface, cleaned of oil contamination and dust. One layer is enough to restore the original coating.