Solid Soundproofing Sheet, 250x500mm APP

Лист звукоізоляційний твердий APP, STOGRUP, СТОГРУП

APP Soundproofing Mat with Felt is a product designed to absorb unwanted noise, thanks to the use of a layer of bitumen and an additional felt layer. The total thickness of the mat is 10mm.


  • significant reduction of vibrations and oscillations;
  • increasing the hardness of large metal sheets;
  • significant reduction of noise
  • improvement of the acoustic space inside the car

Application: sound-insulating mat with APP felt absorbs well the noises entering the car interior through the floor, trunk, rear wheel arches, as well as through the dividing wall between the interior and the engine compartment.

Other applications: household equipment, agricultural machines and cars, construction.

This self-adhesive bitumen mat with high soundproofing properties is designed to reduce vibrations and oscillations. It enhances the stability of sheet metal and suppresses noise that enters the cabin through doors and side panels. It can be coated with all types of automotive paints.