PRIMER 2К 4:1 Kartex

Acrylic 2-component primer of HS class (High Solid), combined with a hardener in a ratio of 4: 1, is used as a filling and leveling agent.

If you are restoring a painted surface or changing a part that you bought in a shipping black primer, both of these coatings must be removed to the metal, then the spare part must be puttied, treated with acrylic primer and painted.

The proposed auto product isolates the repair area with the highest quality. The dry residue is represented by a concentrated filler: in addition to chalk, the composition contains kaolin and microtalc. These substances reduce the shrinkage of the material. When dried, an airtight film is formed that does not let water, moisture-saturated air and salts of a destructive effect into the “bare” metal.

The primer 2K 4:1 is mixed with the hardener in the proportion specified by the manufacturer. Reduces the amount of used paint and varnish product (enamel) and creates the necessary conditions for uniform deep adhesion of the finishing composition. Quickly and fully covers the putty layer. Drying is carried out in natural conditions, with an increase in thermal index (UV lamp, spray booth with a temperature of + 60 ° C).

Таre: 0,8 l + 0,2 кg, 2х0,8 l + 0,4 кg. Hardener included.

For professional use only.