Coat Klarlack 2K MS 2:1 (1,0 l + 0,5 l) set, KARTEX

Лак Klarlack 2K MS 2:1, затверджувач Härter 2К MS, KARTEX, STOGRUP, СТОГРУП

Clear acrylic lacquer Klarlack MS KARTEX with a medium solids content. The lacquer dries quickly, providing advantages for urgent local repairs. Resistant to UV radiation and changing weather conditions, it guarantees a great appearance of the varnished surface. The best results are achieved with thermal drying.

Important: Klarlack MS KARTEX lacquer should be mixed with Härter 2K MS KARTEX hardener (2:1 ratio) until a homogeneous color is obtained.

Recommended: apply using a spray gun equipped with a nozzle Ø1.3-Ø1.5 mm at an air pressure of 3 to 4 bar.

Number of layers: two.

Dry coating thickness: 40-50 microns.