Acquire Color Compact Spectrophotometer Presentation

Презентация по спектрофотометру Acquire Color Compact

Dear customers!

We have prepared for you a presentation on our new Acquire Color Compact spectrophotometer. The presentation includes the following sections:

  • Benefits of Acquire Color Compact;
  • Preparing the car for repair;
  • Instrument calibration;
  • Color measurement;
  • Color search by spectrophotometer;
  • Recommendations for working with a spectrophotometer;
  • Basics of colorimetry;
  • Metamerism;
  • Preparation for work;
  • Spectrophotometer search results;
  • Colorist’s lamp;
  • Settings;
  • Graphics / Reflection curves;
  • Step-by-step coloring;
  • Recommendations for use.

Best regards, Duxone Team.