Грунт PROLINE 634 4:1, сірий, 0,8 л, BODY, STOGRUP, СТОГРУП

High-quality acrylic-based primer-filler. Used with HB BODY PROLINE 625 hardener. Provides reliable insulation of the lower layers. Has adhesion to all types of metal and plastic (PE-PP-ABSTSOP, etc.).

It allows for the application of coats of any thickness, with sanding or wet-on-wet method. It has excellent flow.

Ready for sanding after 1 hour at a temperature of +23 °C.

When applying on plastic, it is recommended to add 5% of the total volume of primer of the elasticizer BODY 803 FLEX AGENT.

Special instructions:

Air drying is possible at a minimum temperature of +13 °C. When using the “wet on wet” method, do not apply to large areas with excessive putty. When applying to plastic bumpers, dry sand with P180 or P220 abrasives (do not use Scotch brite!). Use BODY 511 FLAT GUIDE revealing coatings to monitor sanding. If defects appear on the surface, they can be corrected using 2K or 1K putties.

Application rules: Mix the components to a homogeneous consistency, observing the mixing ratio. Apply layers with a thickness of no more than 60-75 μm with a gun, with an intermediate exposure. The mixture has a shelf life of 60 minutes at +23 °C. The minimum application temperature is +13 °C