Aerosol primer 992 1К BODY

Аерозольний антикорозійний грунт 992 1К, 0,4 л BODY, STOGRUP, СТОГРУП

Fast-drying anticorrosion primer that can be applied on both metal and wooden surfaces. It has excellent resistance to moisture, salts, mechanical, chemical, and other adverse environmental conditions.

It can be applied by brush, roller or spray gun with a nozzle diameter of 1.8 mm. It can be thinned with 10-30% of BODY ECO THINN (767) nitro thinner. It does not contain zinc chromate. Suitable for application on black metal.

Suitable surfaces for application: steel, wood.

Special instructions: Minimum temperature for air drying is +15°C. Do not use the “wet on wet” method. Do not apply to colored metals.

Color: black, brown, gray.