Грунт 992 1К, 1,0 кг, BODY, STOGRUP, СТОГРУП

HB BODY 992 1K is a high-quality one-component anti-corrosion primer-isolator with excellent adhesion to metal. It is made on the basis of a combination of acrylic and synthetic resins and belongs to the 1K system. It can also be painted over with alkyd or nitrocellulose paints.

Suitable for surface application:
steel,  tree.

Special instructions:
When air drying, the minimum temperature is +15 °C. Do not use the “wet on wet” method. Do not apply on non-ferrous metals.

Rules of use:
Mix the components to a homogeneous consistency, observing the mixing ratio. Apply with a brush or a gun, depending on the proportion of dilution. The minimum application temperature is +15 °C.

Colors: gray, black.