PRIMER 992 1К Kartex

To prevent oxidation of the metal, an anti-corrosion primer is useful. One-component material is ready to use, does not require additional mixing and activation. If you plan to apply through a spray gun, you need to add a solvent.

Created on the basis of alkyd resin, the soil dries quickly, filling small defects along the way. Causes no difficulty in grinding. It is applied on polyester dry putty materials, creates barriers between them and base enamels.

Steel is polished without adding water with P80-120 sandpaper; for aluminum, a special scotch brite fiber is chosen. If the base is putty, then sanding with a grit of P120-240 is needed, and for old paint, grinding with a grit of P240-280 is selected.

The anti-corrosion primer is convenient in that it provides for different methods of application. A spray gun is more suitable for a car, however, when using other, smaller surfaces, you can use a brush or roller. The coating after drying is not sensitive to low temperatures. 1 liter of primer is enough for 5-7m² of surface.

Half an hour drying of layers is carried out at a temperature of +20…+23˚С. The total time spent on the use of anti-corrosion primer and its layer-by-layer drying is 2 hours.

Таre: 0,9 кg.

For professional use only.